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Billy has been put up to series of trials which he has to complete in order to escape from the dungeon. Will he be able to? It's all up to you! Billy's Adventures is a fast paced 2D platformer action-like game. Although, the game hasn't been fully completed, I would really appriciate feedback regarding future improvement and whether or not I should continue working on it. All of this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Bilge Kaan's  assets. Huge shoutout!

NOTE: The game is meant to be a mobile game, due to testing purposes and feedback it is in it's PC version. 

The last few updates have a lot of bugs but for the sake of finding an internship I need to show what I have achieved so far!


Arrow keys

Z - Melee attack

X - Arrow

C - Roll

Install instructions

1. Extract

2. BAD.exe

3. You know what to do.


linux32.7z 59 MB
linux64.7z 57 MB
osx64.7z 57 MB
win32.7z 42 MB
win64.7z 49 MB

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